Wie zijn wij

Lisa Lenters
Ralph Weijden

The King and Queen of the Hanging Gardens of Amsterdam

Once upon a time there was a king ruling Babylon. His wife, who came from a faraway land with green hills and valleys, missed the fresh air and greenery everywhere. Thus, he created a Hanging Garden in Babylon. This king understood what true love is.

We are Lisa and Ralph, the modern King and Queen of the Hanging Gardens of Amsterdam.

As the world closed off during the first ‘Corona lockdown’, we had to stay inside and missed the fresh smell of greenery outside.

Our urban apartment is set in concrete, without a green oasis, so we decided to create our own hanging gardens by surrounding ourselves with green oxygen providers.

Passionate about recycling, our items are made with recycled materials and pots, to let your green house be environmentally friendly

We believe every household can contribute to a more breathable and healthier planet, one hanging plant at a time.