Welcome to the Hanging Gardens of Amsterdam

No garden in your urban home?
Create your own hanging gardens!
With handmade plant hangers from Amsterdam

Are you getting the hang of it?



Contained Cuteness

Size: Small
Height: 4-8 cm
Plant: Pepper plant
Pot: Red
Hanger: White, double lined


Loads of Love

Size: Medium
Height: 8-12 cm
Plant: Bamboo palm
Pot: Red
Hanger: White, double lined

plaatje updaten, is medium size

Size matters

Size: Large
Height: 12-20 cm
Plant: Bamboo palm
Pot: White
Hanger: Beige, single lined

Are you still hanging in there?


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Did you already become a crazy plant person?


A house full of hanging greens? Or a minimalist approach to the hanging garden lifestyle? We cater to your needs.
Let us know what you want, and we will personally help you make your hanging garden of Eden come true.

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